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Welcome to MLCN

Welcome to Marlin Central Monitoring


Dear Wholesale Dealer, Welcome to Monitronics. We are nearing the date of the customer conversion from SBN (Marlin) to MAStermind. I?d like to take a few minutes to share some of the benefits of our software, our award-winning Alarm Response Center and our dealer support. Every emergency is a real emergency to Monitronics? award winning Alarm Response Center (ARC). The advanced monitoring strategies and state of the art security techniques we?ve established since opening our doors in 1994, allow our CSAA Five Diamond and IQ Certified, UL listed monitoring centers to continue setting industry standards for safety and security. While security is our number one priority, customer experience and satisfaction is also important. The 2012 and 2013 Consumers? Choice Home Security Awards coupled with our three-time Frost & Sullivan Alarm Service Provider of the Year Award, demonstrate the commitment we have to our customers. As a Wholesale Dealer, you will have access to our web-based Dealer Portal. Using the portal, you will be able to: ? Place new accounts online for monitoring ? Register cell accounts (when using Monitronics? reseller account) ? Access alarm history ? Record customer information for your review at any time In addition to these features, as a Monitronics wholesale dealer, you?ll have access to review your invoices and to pay those invoices online at your convenience. We also offer a VRU (Voice Response Unit) that will allow you to verify signals and to place accounts on and off test. If you?d like to continue using your own or alarmNet accounts, you?ll have to use our manual process for adding new accounts. We have a ?subscriber information form? that you can fax or email to us for new accounts and updates. You should receive your first invoice from Monitronics around May 1st for the service period of 5/1 ? 5/31. Your final invoice from Security Networks for service of 4/1-4/30 will be delivered on or about April 20th. Monitronics bills in advance and going forward, your invoices will include charges for all accounts active on our station on the first of each month. Upon receipt of your April bill, you may choose to break your final Security Networks charges into 3 equal monthly payments. If so, please remit the full May service payment along with 1/3 of your April payment to Monitronics Funding LP, Dept CH 8628 Palatine, IL 60055-8628 or simply make your payment online at Your business is very important to us. We have a professional team of specialists who are dedicated to our wholesale (contract monitoring) dealers. In order to register your company for training, please email your company name, Wholesale dealer number and your email address to Please keep in mind, as of April 1st, you will no longer onboard customers through SBN/Marlin/ASIS. Training has begun. Please join us. Sincerely, Wholesale Monitoring Department
******DSC GSM or ALARM.COM CELL RADIO ****** Dear Dealers, As Security Networks/Marlin Central continues to transition to Monitronics it has been brought to our attention that any Dealers that have not used the DSC GSM or services your dealer prefix has not been added to our receiver concentrators. This will not allow your signals to be received correctly. >>This will not affect the Dealers that have been using these services in the past. Only New Dealer Services. ***If you are looking to adding these services or using this equipment within the next two months contact Rhonda Haycox ( to assist in adding your Dealer prefix to our receiver concentrator files. Thank you for your continued patience. Best Regards, Rhonda Haycox System Admin NM 3600 Commerce Blvd #101 Kissimmee, FL 34741 CS: (866) 383-0333 E:
********************************************************************************************************************************** IF YOU ARE USING SBN - YOU MUST CHANGE THE SERVER NAME BY USING THE DROP DOWN MENU. CHOOSE SBNProdA AS THE NEW SERVER NAME. *********************************************************************************************************************************
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOR ALL USERS USING AN IP COMMUNICATOR THE IP ADDRESSED HAVE BEEN CHANGED FOR INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT or **********************************************************************************************


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